The community
of more than 180 archives
and scientific institutions from
34 European countries plus Canada and the US,
rises together to the various challenges of the digital era.

The To­­po­­­the­que, the regional-history work of reference. The online-archive where you can contribute personally and directly to the materials.

Matricula is the innovative and service-oriented online portal to church registers on a cross-border and interdenominational basis.

Monasterium is the virtual charters' archive with over 400.000 medieval and early modern charters provided by 60 institutions from 10 European countries.

The Friends Association ICARUS4all are the people behind the network to whom the aims and activities of ICARUS are important.


First issue of “@rhivi” published

Congratulations to one year of ICARUS HRVATSKA and for publishing [...]

Welcome APEF!

The Archives Portal Europe Foundation joined ICARUS and … ICARUS joined [...]


09/26/2017 @ Zagreb/Kroatien

Opening Topotheque Podsused

10/23/2017 @ Madrid/Spain

ICARUS meeting #20