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Membership within ICARUS is based on the principles of synergy and added value. An added value is already obtained by merely being willing and ready to support and participate in our activities. In order to admit everyone, who is motivated and willing to do so, we don´t impose any membership fees, as long as no financial advantage is gained by being a member.


  • Programmes to support the mobility of people
  • membership_checkAdvice and oversight of international projects, from the selection of partners, the proposal submission, up to the accounting
  • Provision of digital infrastructure (portals, servers)
  • Regular conferences, workshops, round tables etc
  • Programme to promote the mobility of experts
  • Consultation services regarding digitization, bringing material online, indexing of archival material as well as international research
  • Regular information services (newsletter, social media etc)

Membership categories

Membership is open for legal persons of public law only. The following membership categories are available:

For coporate partnerships please click here.

Category A

Payment of an annual sum, fixed by the General Assembly (currently 100 EUR). In the event of a financial profit from participating in an ICARUS supervised project (funded by public or private sources), 5% of the funding are to be conveyed to ICARUS. In case an ICARUS member participates in an ICARUS supervised project, the obligation to pay the annual sum (currently 100 EUR) will be suspended for the time the project is running.
Partner networks are freed from any membership fee payment as long as the same applies for ICARUS.

Category B

Payment of an annual sum, fixed by the General Assembly (currently 500 EUR). In exceptional cases a reduction may be solicited. The respective decision will be made by the Executive Board.

Category C

Provision of efficiency maintaining the infrastructure (project management, secretary, IT management) and origination of a real surplus value. The adjudication of this category must be authorised by the Board.

The selection of the membership fee category takes place upon accession as indicated on the accession form. Modifications can only be made after 5 years. Modifications at an earlier point can only be made upon application and final decision by the Executive Board.

Become a member!