Welcome APEF!

The Archives Portal Europe Foundation joined ICARUS and … ICARUS joined the Archives Portal Europe Foundation! Today we are very happy to announce that the Archives Portal Europe Foundation (APEF) joined the ICARUS network and likewise ICARUS joined the APEF. We feel inspirited by this mutual bond of pursuing shared goals and realizing shared visions! […]

Welcome Istorijski Arhiv Pozarevac!

Welcome to the Istorijski Arhiv Pozarevac – the Historical Archives of Pozarevac! Founded in 1948, the Archive preserves archival material as well as cultural heritage documents of special social significance of the area of ​​Branicevo district – the city of Pozarevac and the municipalities of Veliko Gradiste, Golubac, Malo Crnice, Žabari, Žagubica, Kučevo and Petrovac na […]

Report on File Formats for Hand-written Text Recognition (HTR) Material

Today, the National Archives of Finland officially presents its file format study for hand-written text recognition carried out within the EU-funded project „co:op – community as opportunity“ ! The primary purpose of this study is to review and analyze the available file formats for the storage of automatically recognized text or manually input text (transcription). The […]

Willkommen FCGL!

Wir freuen uns, das FCGL Forensic Computational Geometry Laboratory at the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing in Heidelberg (DE) als neues Mitglied in unserem ICARUS-Netzwerk begrüßen zu dürfen. „The FCGL is a Junior Research Group (JRG) established within the Zukunftskonzept (institutional strategy) of the 2nd German University Excellency Initiative. This concept has the general goal […]

Willkommen Fondazione ilCartastorie!

Es freut uns sehr, ein weiteres Mitglied aus Italien bei uns im Netzwerk begrüßen zu dürfen: Fondazione ilCartastorie Das Museum Il Cartastorie wurde gegründet um das Archivgut des Historischen Archivs der Bank von Neapel der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich zu machen. Mehr Informationen zu den spannenden Aktivitäten des Museum finden Sie auf der Hompepage hier.