Welcome to the Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana!

We are happy to welcome the Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana to our ICARUS network! The Zgodovinski arhiv Ljubljana (Historical Archives of Ljubljana) is responsible for documenting the history of the city of Ljubljana and its surroundings. The archive also holds the collections of Kranj, Novo mesto, Škofja Loka and Idrija.

ICARUS and the European Time Machine

European Time Machine Consortium Steering Committee elected On September 18th, the steering committee of the European Time Machine Consortium was elected. Goal of the project consortium is to obtain 1 billion EUR of funding to support Digital Humanities in Europe. The project aim is to make more than 2000 years of history accessible to researchers, […]

First issue of „@rhivi“ published

Congratulations to one year of ICARUS HRVATSKA and for publishing „@rhivi“! It has been a year since ICARUS Hrvatska was launched. To celebrate this first anniversary, ICARUS Hrvatska published the first issue of their magazine „@rhivi“. The magazine provides information on on-going projects, reflects on practical experiences in the archival work field and discusses how peolpe and archival institutions […]

Welcome APEF!

The Archives Portal Europe Foundation joined ICARUS and … ICARUS joined the Archives Portal Europe Foundation! Today we are very happy to announce that the Archives Portal Europe Foundation (APEF) joined the ICARUS network and likewise ICARUS joined the APEF. We feel inspirited by this mutual bond of pursuing shared goals and realizing shared visions! […]