Caroline Maximoff – caroline.maximoff[at]
  • Project management (project applications, communication, management of schedules and deadlines, planning and organising of events, accounting, reporting)
  • Financial administrator

Dagmar Weidinger – dagmar.weidinger[at]

  • press and public relations

Kerstin Muff – kerstin.muff[at]

  • Head of Communications
  • Project management (conception, communication, personnel and translation management, support for benificiaries)
  • PR and event management (organisation of national and international lectures, workshops and conferences, production of information and PR material, management of print and online media)
  • Editor-in-Chief “insights”
  • National and international members’ support

Daniel Jeller – daniel.jeller[at]

  • Planning and management of digitisation projects
  • Personnel management and training for the scan services
  • Quality management
  • Image processing
  • Technical development and support
  • Project management of “Monasterium”

Karl Heinz – karl.heinz[at]

  • Scientific and strategic project management (project initiation, mediation and assistance regarding content)
  • Members’ support
  • PR (lectures, publications, representation, proceedings and agreements)

Georg Vogeler – georg.vogeler[at]

  • Monasterium: Head of technical development Monasterium
  • Programme development (programming, scientific standards)
  • Standards (development and adjustment)

Elisabeth Steiger – elisabeth.steiger[at]

  • Supervisor “European Archival Blog”

Robert Reiter – robert.reiter[at]

  • Digitisation services