Austrian Heritage Day

09/25/2016 all-day
Klein-Mariazell 1
2571 Klein-Mariazell

Upon invitation of the Austrian Federal Monuments Office, local topotheques will take part in this year’s Austrian Heritage Day. Individual topothequers will present their topotheques in situ and offer real as well as virtual tours through the regional history of their respective hometowns.

Highlight: Topotheque Kleinmariazell

© Archiv der Forstverwaltung Klein-Mariazell

© Archive of the forest management of Klein-Mariazell

Founded in the 12th century, the building and the church of the Austrian Benedictine monastery Kleinmariazell where subject to profound changes throughout the centuries; especially between the years 1964-1967 when extensive parts of the ensemble which had historically grown over 8 centuries got torn down. Dr. Thomas Aigner (Director of the Archives of the Diocese in St. Pölten , AT) , Mag. Alexander Schatek (Project Leader Topothek, ICARUS) and the topotheque managers Lambert Schön, Hanns Balber and Manfred Stadelmann will bring the today no longer existing monastery back to life based on maps, images and further source materials.

Guided tours: 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00 o´clock (duration ca. 60 min.), Dr. Thomas Aigner, Mag. Alexander Schatek, Lambert Schön, Hanns Balber uund Manfred Stadelmann
Meeting point: Main entrance of the basilica


One of the highlights: the topotheque of the largely destroyed monastery of Klein-Mariazell in Lower Austria. Thomas Aigner will be your guide on location.

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