Executive Board

The Management of the Association ICARUS4all is incumbent upon the Executive Board, chaired by the President who is in charge of the ongoing business activities and acts as the Association’s main representative. He is supported by two Vice-Presidents. The Treasurer, the Secretary and their proxies, as well as the co-opted members, complete the Board. The current Executive Board is:

  • Hon.-Prof. Dr. Lorenz Mikoletzky
    President, Former director general, Austrian State Archives, retired
  • Manfred Wegele
    Vicepresident, Bavarian National Association for Family Studies, German Union of Genealogical Associations (DAGV)
  • Dr. Gerhart Marckhgott
    Vicepresident, Former director, Upper Austrian State Archives
  • Mag. Otto Amon
    Secretary, ABICO – Amon BI Consulting & IT-Services
  • Mag. Dr. Christina Eggeling
    Secretary deputy
  • Mag. Heidemarie Bachhofer, MAS
    Treasurer, National Archives of Lower Austria
  • Elisabeth Kultscher
    Treasurer deputy, Mostviertel Genealogy Association
  • Dr. Herbert Wurster
    Auditor, Archives of the Diocese of Passau
  • Dr. Thomas Aigner
    Ex officio, President ICARUS and St. Pölten Diocesan Archives
  • Mag. Dr. Willibald Rosner
    Coopted, Lower Austrian State Archives, retired
  • Univ.-Doz. Dr. Manfred Tschaikner
    Coopted, Vorarlberg State Archives
  • Dr. Hubert Schopf
    Coopted, Salzburg State Archives